Solo Exhibition
1-8 June 2018
La Conciergerie Gounod, Nice / France

"Beginning her project in Istanbul and continuing in France, the artist describes her travails as an important part of the work and places the complicated journeys from empty space to a material, and from one place to another in the center of her creative process.

The curious name of the exhibition emerges from a warning sign at a tram station in Istanbul. A yellow sign is painted on the floor to make passengers aware of the gap between the tram and the platform. This sign is different from other warning signs at similar tram stations because the gap is larger as a result of a calculation error, but the passengers do not perceive the width and the danger of the gap until the tram stops at the station. The notion that the danger arising from empty space is perceivable only in an unforeseeable future repeats itself continuously during the day, prompting the artist to question the possibility that unrecognizable material and spiritual emptiness might transform into big dangers in the future. Daştan’s project is inspired by such gaps that allow us to move freely in space and in time until we recognize them. 

The exhibition draws its inspiration and name from everyday life, but its background is based on the artist’s interest in the teachings of the Ancient Greek philosophers on space and matter. Daştan blends her artistic creativity with the research she has conducted on various ontological approaches to the concept of “void” in ancient philosophy. The project also refers to different metaphysical dimensions of “emptiness” and “empty space.”
 " Pelin Kıvrak
Photo by Alchy