Solo Exhibition - 1 Mayıs/1 Haziran 2010

Kooperatif Art & Performance Hall - Rumeli Han /Beyoğlu

Apart from committing a crime by violating an ever-renewed Government ban first introduced 33 years ago on Labour Day celebrations in Taksim Square, what many people had in common in 2009 as they walked towards Taksim whether to participate in the protests or just to their houses, offices nearby was the ''lemons'' they had on them, intended as a protection from the effects of the teargas used by the police. Soon after the harsh police intervention that followed and led to the detention of many, İstanbul Governor declared that those caught by the police carrying ''lemons'' would be treated as if they were bearing offensive weapons like stones and clubs. As a result, the users of the ''ekşi dictionary'' website started the entry ''lemon as an offensive weapon'' and many users added critical comments under it with the spirit of the absurdity the situation called for.

In 2010 the ban was finally removed and people were officially free to celebrate the Labour Day on Taksim Square for the first time in many years. An exhibition titled ''This is not a lemon'' was opened in the back streets of İstiklal leading to Taksim Square, satirising the notorious events from the past year. People walking out on the streets searching for a place to cool down and freshen up after the Labour Day celebrations were offered glasses of delicious lemonade as they came close to the exhibition street.
Fırat Kaplan

THIS IS NOT A LEMON: Exhibition's Poster 2010 Print 35x50 cm